The Germantown Team

Cheryl R. (Sitter ID: 0206)

Cheryl is the Branch Manager of the Germantown, Maryland office.  In addition to managing Prance Around, along with her husband, she is also mom to two beautiful baby boys, Logan and Scott. She currently owns a Pomeranian named Sandy, two black cats, named Batman and Louie, and a Tortie Maine Coon named Gabby, who was rescued from Kentucky. Her passion for working with pets started at a very young age when she would rescue stray cats in her neighborhood and help find them homes. In her spare time, she can be found making animal-themed jewelry.  

Chris R. (Sitter ID: 0806)

Chris is an animal lover who is especially fond of cats. His outgoing and cheerful personality is reflected in his love of all animals and all the pets Chris has ever come across, have taken an immediate liking towards him. In his spare time, Chris enjoys building and working on computers. Chris co-manages the Germantown Branch of Prance Around with his wife Cheryl, and his dog and two cats.

Lynne L. (Sitter ID: 0708)

Lynne has been an animal lover since she was a child and grew up with a dog, cats and birds. She currently lives with her husband Steve, and two Persian cats, Riley and Cody. Lynne moved to Maryland in 2013, after spending her whole life in New York, to be near her family. She is retired after working for 25 years as a legal secretary and is looking forward to spending her retirement with the animals she adores.

Corey F. (Sitter ID: 0589)

Corey is  an animal lover, born and raised in Georgia, he has grown up with dogs  and also worked with them. No matter where his journey took him he  either owned a pet or took care of others. He now lives with a furbaby  of his own, a Shiba Inu named Kira. He loves to play his guitar for her  and her human mommy.  He also likes to bring her everywhere with him  whether it's to get some yummy fast food or just to stroll around the  town and meet other doggies. He has a passion for taking care of pets  and gives them all the same love and attention he gives his own little  miss Kira.

Bradley C. (Sitter ID: 0119)

Bradley has worked with animals all his life and has always had pets. He is a cat lover who currently has three cats Zelda, Zoe and Zorro. In addition to his three cats he also has a Ball Python he has been taking care of for many years. Bradley enjoys working with all kinds of animals including wildlife and even spent a summer volunteering at Second Chance Wildlife Center. He has also volunteered at the Humane Society working as a cat handler. In addition to his volunteer work with animals Bradley also spent some time working at a dog kennel where he learned a lot about caring for all kinds of dogs. Bradley Graduated from Montgomery College in 2016 with an A.A in general studies and in his free time enjoys reading novels by Stephen King. He also enjoys watching movies and spending time with his family and friends. Bradley is eager to take care of your pets and give them lots of love and affection.

Cheryl B. (Sitter ID: 0827)

Cheryl grew up on a modest farm in rural Ohio and had every kind of animal you could imagine, cows, goats, rabbits, dogs and cats to name a few.  Every summer, as a teenager, she worked at an animal shelter walking dogs, sitting with, and helping keep the shelter clean.  When she turned 18, she joined the U.S. Navy and served aboard the USS YELLOWSTONE in Norfolk, Virginia and then stationed in Wales, United Kingdom.  Cheryl has been married for 25 years and she and her husband have always had pets.  Over the years, they've had dogs and cats.  She currently has an English Lab (Miley) and a black cat (Cocoa).  They’ve lived in Germantown, MD for the past 2 years and she looks forward to meeting and helping taking care of your pets.

Jennifer D. (Sitter ID: 0620)

Jennifer has a huge love for animals and grew up surrounded by everything from dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, chipmunks, snakes, ferrets, reptiles, hermit crabs and fish. Outside of owning German Shepherds, cats, fish and a Doberman through her adult life, Jennifer has volunteered her time caring for friends' pets since a very young age and carried that love for animals through rescue work. In the past several years she has helped find medical care and loving homes for feral cats, Dobermans and German Shepherds. She has experience in working with medically at-risk animals that require extra love, special diets and medication. She currently shares her family home with a 3 year old affectionate and curious ferret named “Stryker” and a goldfish named “Dot” and often cares for friends' dogs when they are away. Outside of pet sitting, Jennifer is a traffic safety manager for a national non-profit organization and enjoys being a mom, running, hiking, and painting (animals of course!). She is looking forward to spoiling your pets and giving them extra love and attention.

Megan D. (Sitter ID: 0510)

 Megan has always found joy in the company of animals. Growing up, she  was surrounded by dogs and cats, and she put herself through college by  founding her own pet care business while attending Hollins University in  Roanoke, VA, where she also participated in the school's world-renowned  equestrian program. Megan is a certified massage therapist with  advanced certification in domestic pet and racehorse massage, and she  volunteers for two animal rescues, one for abused and neglected horses  and one for wounded birds of prey. She loves exploring new towns and  trails with her trusty sidekick, a speckled mutt named Gypsy, and enjoys  caring for her elderly Shih Tzu Chyna through Chyna's many specialized  medical needs. Megan recently quit her fancy corporate job to pursue her  dream of becoming a professional dog walker and pet care professional,  and working with the wonderful pups, kitties and furry finned and  feathered clients of Prance Around is truly a dream come true. She can't  wait to meet your best friend and promises  to treat your family as her  own!  Megan D. (Sitter ID: 0510)

Chris W. (Sitter ID: 0624)

Chris has frequently been around animals growing up, and has always had a dog in the household. He has often been told that he has a way with animals. Chris has taken care of various dogs and cats for neighbors and friends several times in the past. Currently he has a dog named Charlee who is a Bichon Poodle Mix (or Poochan). Chris is also an EMT with the state of Maryland and volunteers at Laytonsville District Volunteer Fire Department in his hometown of Laytonsville where he rides their ambulance responding to 911 calls mainly in the Laytonsville/Gaithersburg area.