The Laurel Team


Joelyne K. (Founder and Owner / Sitter ID: 1124)

Joelyne is a natural born animal lover. She knew early on in life that she wanted a career working with animals. She graduated from Towson University with a B.S. degree in Business Administration. She has a Graduate Certificate from Humane Society University in Animal Studies. For seven years, Joelyne worked as the Membership and Donor Relations Manager at The Humane Society of the United States, the nations largest animal welfare organization dedicated to enforcing laws to protect animals from cruelty and neglect. During her time at HSUS, she was able to aid in animal rescue missions and helped seize several animals from inhumane conditions. Joelyne volunteers some of her time with Laurel Cats, Inc., a local organization working to reduce the overpopulation of feral cats through TNR efforts. She and her husband share their home with their son, a dog, four cats and a red-eared slider.


Justin K. (Owner / Sitter ID: 1105)

Justin was born and raised on a farm and has been around animals his entire life. His experience comes from caring for four horses, a pony, a goat, cats, dogs and reptiles since an early age. Justin graduated from Lincoln College of Technology in Columbia, MD with a technical degree in  Automative Technology. Shortly after graduating, Justin realized that his true passion was in pet care industry. He has since helped to grow Prance Around with his wife and is a full time pet care professional. In addition to dog walking and pet sitting, Justin manages the daily office operations and sitter communications. 


Stacie H. (Sitter ID: 0603)

Stacey is currently enrolled in college to become a veterinarian. When asked why she chose this career she told us, in her own words, "Because lets face it, animals are just awesome!" Her passions in life have always included something animal related. When she was little she would purposely sleep on the floor with her pups every night. She didn't have many friends while growing up and her dogs were her best friends and she found comfort in being around them. Animals have always been her life and she believes that caring for them was her natural calling!


Cherie S. (Sitter ID: 0392)

 Cherie has worked with and around animals all her entire life. Her family fostered animals for various animal shelters during her youth. She spent four years volunteering at Watkins Nature Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. She also volunteers part-time at the Smithsonian in the O. Orkin Insect Zoo. She is comfortable with every kind of animal under the sun, including reptiles, insects, and livestock, and she currently owns two cats, a rat, several tanks of fish, and a terrarium of Madagascar hissing cockroaches! Cherie is a certified Veterinary Assistant with a passion for animals, and promises to take great care of her clients pet. She looks forward to providing your pet with the love and attention they deserve.  


Regan (Sitter ID: 0507)

Regan is a kid at heart with an immense love for animals. He and his wife fosters dogs for a local rescue and they have three pups of his own, Boba and Archer. Regan came to us after working as a banker at a financial institution. He quickly realized that his love for working with animals was greater than sitting in an office all day. Regan is a huge sports fan so chances are your pets will not see him during Sunday and Monday night football. Regan enjoys time with his family and the great outdoors.  


Michael B. (Sitter ID: 0819)

Michael is a part-time college student and barista. When he isn't studying for a big exam or whipping up a hot drink at the Starbucks in Burtonsville, he is spending time caring for furry ones. He is a big time animal lover! He became friends with the company owners a few years ago when they met at a local gym where he used to work. Michael enjoys the great outdoors. He loves spending time with his family and making people laugh. 


Shawn F. (Sitter ID: 0603)

Shawn is a huge animal lover. He had two dogs and a cat growing up. He enjoys being around animals and has served as a pet sitter for several friends and family members over the years. Shawn has an Associate’s Degree in Secondary Education, as well as educational experience in Elementary Education and Theatre. He is heavily involved in local theatre, as well as television and in the film industry. When he is not pet sitting you can sometimes find him acting at the Laurel Mill Playhouse off Main Street! He is excited to be able work with the furry friends that Prance Around cares for!


Jacqui W. (Sitter ID: 1112)

 Jacqui is a freshman in college. When she is not studying, she is caring for animals. She and her mother operate a pet sitting service out of their home and have done so for many years. She enjoys giving the pets in her care tons of tlc while their owners are away. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Family time is very important to her. She has a small dog with a huge personality which she spoils to death. She looks forward to pampering and spoiling the Prance Around pets in her care. 


Sharon M. (Sitter ID: 0908)

 Sharon is retired from the corporate world and enjoying life as a pet care professional. She volunteers her free time with Laurel Cats, Inc. She is a dedicated feral colony caretaker to over fourteen community cats, some of which are strays that have been abandoned by their prior owners, but most of them are ferals. She is the proud mother to a few felines of her own that reside with her. She loves cats but equally loves dogs just as much and enjoys spending her day dog walking and cat sitting. She enjoys that she is able to be outside getting exercise while doing something she enjoys and has a passion for.


Jesus C. (Sitter ID: 1106)

Jesus is a digital marketer. When he isn't working on his computer all day, he's hanging out with family, going to the gym and taking care of animals. He loves making funny voice-overs too. His girlfriend and him have a pup together. He enjoys being around animals because their presence bring him peace and as any animal lover knows, their presence relieves stress naturally. 


Tracy L. (Sitter ID: 1107)

Tracy has a deep affection for all animals dog, cat, horse, fur, feathered, finned,  you name it, she loves them all. She has been the caregiver to her family,  friends and neighbors pets for the better part of her life. She fell in love with horses walking them and realizing their plight at the racetrack. She worked at the Laurel Race Track caring for horses hands on on and off the track. She also worked at Behnke Nursery in Laurel for several years where she gained good knowledge on how to care for various kinds of plants. So if you need plant care, Tracy also has that covered! She hopes to work with animals for the rest of my life always, being able to grow and  improve their care with the honor they deserve. 


Shayla H. (Sitter ID: 0505)

Shayla is a kindhearted person with a big love for animals and for her family. Whenever she encounters a pet in her path she has to stop and say hello. She has three dogs of her own; a pit mix puppy, a Yorkie and a Shih Tzu. She attends Howard Community College and is studying bio engineering. Her hobbies include going to street car shows, watching and playing soccer, sports and making jewelry. She looks forward to spoiling the pets in her care and giving them the  unconditional love and attention they deserve.


Alison P. (Sitter ID: 0623)

Alison is in her final year of college, majoring in International Business. She consults for non-profits located in West Africa whose aim is to uplift the public through government funded scholarships and micro loans. As a child, her father rescued an abused rottweiler named Samantha and this led to her intense love of animals. During her teenage years she would often assist neighbors by walking their pets or comforting them through storms. She enjoys spending time with her large extended family and loves caring for yours!

Lisa P. (Sitter ID: 1210)



Christine T. (Sitter ID: 1011)


Christine  is a full-time college student at Howard Community College. She's a  huge animal lover, who just got a new puppy! She has a long term goal of  hopefully opening a no kill animal shelter sometime in the future. She  loves to spend time with her family and friends, and makes all the  little things count. She is looking forward to have the opportunity of  caring for animals, and showing them an insane amount of love.