Our Story

Freasky (The Rat Terrier)


The idea behind Prance Around was originated on October 9, 2006 by Joelyne King. Joelyne, a then college student at Towson University, had grown up around animals and had a passion for animals since a very young age. Searching to spend her time doing something she enjoyed, Joelyne sought for an opportunity to earn a living while in college doing something she loved. She very recognized the great need for reliable pet care  readily available to clients within the comfort of their own homes. Joelyne started offering pet care services on her spare time when not studying. During a walk with her dog Freasky she noticed his beautiful gait, turned to him and said, "Look at you prancing around like a silly pup!". That is when it hit her! "Prance Around, that is a really catchy name!" Joelyne  began advertising under her newly found business name and the rest is history! Joelyne put her business degree to test and twelve years later, Prance Around has become a recognized leading pet care provider that has created strong working relationships with local veterinary offices, grooming salons, dog training associations, doggie daycare centers, animal rescue organizations but most importantly, with their two and four-legged clients! Joelyne and her team pride themselves in providing pets and their owners with exceptional care and service. Providing good service means their clients can be worry-free when their pets are in their care whether it be while they are at work in a meeting or while enjoying their time away from home  on a vacation. The team at Prance Around is always willing to customize their services tailoring to the specific needs of their clients pets. Understanding that every pet is a little different and doing their very best to exceed clients expectations is how Prance Around strives to achieve success in the pet care industry.  To read more about the history behind Prance Around please visit: https://www.packagedfacts.com/Content/Blog/2017/08/07/%E2%80%9CI-don%E2%80%99t-have-pets%E2%80%A6I-have-fur-babies%E2%80%9D-Prance-Around-Pet-Services-LLC-founder-talks-life-as-a-Millennial-pet-parent-pet-adoptions-animal-welfare-and-more

Meet The Owners

Joelyne King, Founder


Joelyne  was a natural born animal lover. She knew early on in life that she  wanted a career working with animals. She graduated from Towson  University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration  with a concentration in International Business. She has a Masters  Certificate from Humane Society University in Animal Studies with a  focus on the relationship between the Human and Animal Bond. For seven  years, Joelyne worked as the Membership and Donor Relations Manager at  The Humane Society of the United States, the nations largest animal  welfare organization dedicated to enforcing laws to protect animals from  cruelty and neglet. During her time at HSUS, she went on several animal  rescue missions and helped seize animals fom inhumane conditions.  Joelyne volunteers for Laurel Cats, Inc. a non-profit organization in  Laurel, MD dedicated to reducing the overpopulation of feral cats  through humane and effective TNR efforts. She owns one dog, four cats  and a turtle. 

Justin King, Owner


Justin was born and raised on a farm and has been around animals his entire life. His experience comes from caring for four horses, a pony, a goat, cats, dogs and reptiles since an early age. Justin graduated from Lincoln College of Technology in Columbia, MD with a technical degree in  Automative Technology. Shortly after graduating, Justin realized that his true passion was in pet care industry. He has since helped to grow Prance Around with his wife and is a full time pet care professional. In addition to dog walking and pet sitting, Justin manages the daily office operations. Justin is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR by the American Red Cross.